TARA BURJU  An Icon Of Kondaveedu Fort


NEMALLA BURJU The Biggest Burju in Kondaveedu Fort

WELCOME to Kondaveedu- Arch at Kondaveedu Fort


GHAT Road to Kondaveedu Fort

Gods and Godessess guarding  Kondaveedu fort

Aanavema Reddy the greatest king of kondaveedu kingdom


Kondaveedu is the largest hill fort in present Andhra Pradesh state, situated about 27 kms southwest of Guntur city. This fort is in the Kondaveedu hills range. Prolayavemareddy started construction of an impregnable fort at Kondaveedu in about 1335 AD, later his son Anavotha Reddy completed and shifted his capital from Addanki to Kondaveedu in the year 1355 AD. At present, there are so many monuments, though they may be small, but they are of immense historical and cultural value. Kondaveedu fort commands a picturesque view from Nemmalla buruju(bastion), south of Nemmala buruju hills sprawling over three kilometers up to NH5 with green forest. apart from Nemmalla buruju there are 22 buruju’s, some of which are Tara buruju or Chukkala konda buruju, Jetty buruju, A.ramanal buruju, Sajjamahal buruju, B.khilla buruju, Miriala chattu buruju, Pamu kuduru buruju, Allavari buruju. These bastions are built on hillocks connecting with a long chain of wall. Of all the Bastions Taraburuju is most impressive eye catching and an icon of Kondaveedu fort. As we know, that Kondaveedu fort was built in hills which are more or less in an oval shape. By being laid a ghat road to this fort, easy access is now available, with this Kondaveedu is going to be a popular holiday destination. It is famous for lakes, forest with 56 kinds of herbal plants, hills and a beautiful description of the fort was made by the great poets like Srinatha and later in 20th century by Duvuri Ramireddy in their writings. once we enter the fort, either from the east or west we indispensably encounter with enchanting water tanks namely Muttyalamma cheruvu(Kunalamma), Puttalamma cheruvu, Vedulla cheruvu. If we walk through this valley feast our eyes in the beauty all-round us.

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